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AffiliateFoxis a powerful affiliate marketing software designed for SaaS businesses, online stores, influencers, and anyone looking to boost their business. It offers an all-in-one solution to track site visits, sign-ups, and conversions referred by affiliates, making it easier to manage your affiliate marketing efforts. With an intuitive dashboard, a user-friendly setup wizard, real-time management, white-label customization, easy integrations, and one-click payouts, AffiliateFox streamlines the affiliate marketing process. Whether you're just starting or experiencing rapid growth, Affiliate Fox adapts to your needs and helps you expand your business smoothly. It's your go-to tool to enhance your business's performance and success without major obstacles or disruptions.

Quick Setup Guide

This section is your comprehensive guide for the swift setup ofAffiliateFox, covering everything from the initial steps to the final configuration.

Registration & Authentication

To begin your journey with AffiliateFox, please visit our platform using the following link:AffiliateFox

Once you're on our platform, kindly provide the required information. After submitting, you'll receive an authentication email. Once your authentication is successful, you'll be ready to set up your campaign.

Please refer to the following summary for better comprehension.

Setup Campaign

After completing the registration and authentication process, you will encounter a pop-up for customizing your campaign according to your specific requirements.
Below you will be see an quick overview how you can configure your campaign in simple way.

Login >> Go to dashboard >> Click on Wizard (Default campaign will be shown here).

Setup Commission Structure

When configuring your campaign, you'll have the opportunity to establish the commission structure.

Please refer to the following summary for better comprehension.


You can gain access to a wide array of features and functionalities that are available through AffiliateFox, offering you a versatile and powerful set of tools for your needs.

Real-time Reporting (Dedicated Dashboard)

Real-time reporting is a cornerstone of ourAffiliateFoxsoftware, providing businesses with instant insights into the performance of their affiliate marketing campaigns.
With our platform, you can access up-to-the-minute data on clicks, conversions, and revenue generated by your affiliate partners.
This real-time transparency empowers you to make data-driven decisions, allowing for quick adjustments and optimizations as needed. Whether you're tracking the success of a flash sale, monitoring the impact of a new product launch, or evaluating the effectiveness of specific affiliates, our real-time reporting ensures that you stay in control and can seize opportunities as they unfold.
This feature not only enhances your campaign's agility but also allows you to allocate resources effectively, maximizing the return on investment from your affiliate marketing efforts..

Here, you can take a quick overview through picture -

Automatic Recurring and Lifetime commissions

In the dynamic world of affiliate marketing, one of the most enticing incentives for affiliate partners is the promise of automatic recurring commissions. With our affiliate program, we offer our affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions not just on the initial sale, but also on recurring transactions. This means that when a customer referred by an affiliate makes a subscription or a recurring purchase, our affiliates continue to reap the benefits. It's a win-win situation, as affiliates enjoy a steady stream of passive income, and we see long-term customer relationships flourish.

Advanced Social Templates & Sharing

Affiliate Fox offers you a versatile platform that allows you to craft and personalize social media templates with a dual purpose: to attract prospective affiliates to your program and to empower your existing affiliates to effectively promote your products. These customizable templates serve as a compelling invitation for potential partners, as well as a powerful advertising tool in the hands of your affiliate network. With Affiliate Fox, you have the creative control to design templates that not only entice new affiliates but also provide your partners with the means to showcase and market your products across various social media channels. This flexibility ensures that your affiliate marketing efforts are not only user-friendly but also geared for maximum impact in the dynamic world of online advertising..

Login >> Content Page

Unlimited Visits, Leads, Conversions

AffiliateFox empowers you to take control of your affiliate marketing endeavors by providing you with the freedom to generate unlimited website visits, leads, and conversions. With our platform, the sky's the limit when it comes to expanding your online presence and boosting your business growth. By removing the restrictions on visitation and conversions, we ensure that you have the flexibility to scale your affiliate marketing efforts according to your goals and market demand. Whether you're aiming to reach a wider audience, capture more leads, or increase your conversion rates, AffiliateFox equips you with the tools and resources to achieve your objectives without limitations. It's your ticket to driving success and maximizing the potential of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Unlimited Affiliates

AffiliateFox grants you the capability to build an extensive network of affiliates without any limitations. Our platform offers you the freedom to scale your affiliate program to new heights, fostering a robust community of partners dedicated to promoting your products or services. By removing the constraints on the number of affiliates you can recruit, AffiliateFox enables you to tap into a wealth of marketing potential. This means you can engage with an ever-expanding pool of partners, diversify your reach, and drive your brand to greater heights. With our unlimited affiliate creation feature, your growth possibilities are boundless, and your affiliate marketing efforts are set to flourish.

Team Members

AffiliateFox provides you with the ability not only to create but also to seamlessly edit your team members within the platform. In the dynamic world of affiliate marketing, having a responsive and adaptable team is essential for achieving your objectives. With our software, you have the flexibility to onboard new team members as your program expands or make adjustments to the roles and responsibilities of your existing team. This ensures that your affiliate marketing operations remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing market conditions. Whether it's about adding fresh talent, fine-tuning your strategy, or optimizing the workflow, AffiliateFox puts you in control, helping you navigate the intricacies of affiliate marketing with ease and precision.

Here , you will able to see an quick overview how to add/edit and delete team members.

Login >> Settings Page >> Click On Team Tab

Email Support

AffiliateFox offers email support to cater to your needs.

Chat Support 24x7

AffiliateFox offers you a chat support feature.

Multiple Affiliate Programs

AffiliateFox takes your affiliate marketing to the next level by offering the capability to create and manage multiple affiliate programs effortlessly. With our platform, you can not only establish diverse affiliate programs tailored to different products or services but also customize the affiliate portal's user interface to match your brand's unique identity. Additionally, our commission structure feature allows you to fine-tune and optimize the way you reward your affiliates. This empowers you to align your commission strategies with your specific goals and industry standards, ensuring that your affiliate marketing efforts are as effective as they are visually appealing. AffiliateFox is your all-in-one solution for driving success through a sophisticated, customizable, and results-driven affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Login >> Dashboard Page >> Click On Campaign/Program

Automation Email (Trigger/Webhook)

AffiliateFox offers to manage/create the convenience of automated email notifications triggered by specific events. This means that when significant occurrences or milestones are reached within your affiliate marketing program, our platform will proactively send out email alerts to keep you and your team informed. Whether it's a successful conversion, a new affiliate sign-up, or a noteworthy campaign milestone, our automation ensures you're always in the loop, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively. This real-time communication streamlines your affiliate marketing operations and enhances your ability to make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to better results and a more efficient affiliate program. AffiliateFox is your reliable partner in staying connected and responsive in the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing.

Login >> Settings Page >> Automation >> Create trigger

Custom Email Sender Address

In AffiliateFox, we understand the importance of personalization and branding in your affiliate marketing communication. That's why we give you the freedom to customize the sender email address. This feature allows you to maintain a consistent and professional image while engaging with your affiliates and partners. You can configure the sender's email address to match your brand's domain, ensuring that your emails resonate with authenticity and credibility. Whether you're reaching out to new affiliates or nurturing existing partnerships, this customization feature ensures that your communications carry your unique brand identity, fostering trust and reinforcing your professional image within the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Become Affiliate Integration

Our platform offers you a user-friendly integration option that lets you effortlessly add a dedicated affiliate button to your website. All you need to do is import a script provided by AffiliateFox, and you can seamlessly incorporate this button into your site. This button is not just a simple addition; it's your gateway to effortlessly enlisting new affiliates into your specific program. With this straightforward integration, you can expand your affiliate network and drive your affiliate marketing strategy forward. By providing your potential affiliates with an accessible and easy-to-use entry point, you'll strengthen your affiliate program's reach and ensure its growth. AffiliateFox simplifies the process, ensuring that your affiliate marketing efforts are optimized for success.

Login >> Settings Page >> Branding tab >> Become Affiliate Guid >> Copy link and paste it in your site at the end of body tag.

Multi Level Marketing(MLM)

AffiliateFox introduces a powerful feature known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) to supercharge your sales and boost commission earnings for your current affiliates. With MLM, you can create a dynamic network that incentivizes not only direct sales but also rewards affiliates for building their own teams. This approach not only enhances your product or service sales but also fosters a community of motivated affiliates who are driven to expand your reach. AffiliateFox's MLM feature offers a win-win strategy for both your business and your affiliates, aligning interests and propelling your affiliate marketing program to new heights of success.

Login >> Settings Page >> Branding tab >> Click on settings icon >> MLM tab

Bonus Incentives

AffiliateFox offers you a feature that enables you to include bonus incentives for your affiliates. This feature allows you to go beyond regular commissions and rewards by providing extra motivations and bonuses to your affiliate partners. By incorporating bonus incentives, you can encourage higher performance, drive loyalty, and inspire your affiliates to excel in their marketing efforts. AffiliateFox empowers you to tailor your affiliate marketing program with a range of incentives, ensuring that your partners are motivated to deliver exceptional results and contribute to your business's success.

Affiliate SignUp Field Customization

AffiliateFox provides a valuable feature that allows you to include additional signup fields during the affiliate registration process. This feature enables you to gather specific information or preferences from your affiliates right from the start, ensuring that you have the data you need to customize your affiliate program and provide a more tailored experience for your partners. With this capability, you can capture essential details during the onboarding process, streamline communication, and better align your program with the unique needs of your affiliates. AffiliateFox puts you in control of shaping your affiliate network from the very beginning, helping you build stronger, more personalized relationships with your partners.

Team Privileges

AffiliateFox includes a feature that allows you to grant specific privileges to team members. This feature empowers you to control and customize the level of access and authority that individual team members have within the platform. You can assign different privileges based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring that your team members have the appropriate permissions to perform their tasks effectively while maintaining security and control over your affiliate marketing program. AffiliateFox's privilege management feature offers flexibility and security, allowing you to fine-tune the user experience for your team members.

Custom Wording

AffiliateFox offers a versatile feature that enables you to customize the wording and terminology in your affiliate section dashboard. This means you can tailor the language used throughout the platform to align with your brand's unique style and the preferences of your affiliates. For example, you can change terms like "referral" to "invite" or make other adjustments to create a more personalized and user-friendly experience for your affiliates. With this customization feature, AffiliateFox empowers you to create a cohesive and branded environment within your affiliate marketing program, enhancing engagement and ensuring that your affiliates feel right at home.

Bulk Email

AffiliateFox offers a valuable feature that allows you to send bulk emails to your affiliates. This feature streamlines your communication efforts, making it efficient and convenient to reach out to your entire affiliate network in one go. Whether you need to share important updates, promotions, or provide essential information, AffiliateFox's bulk email feature ensures that your messages are delivered to all your affiliates, keeping them informed and engaged. This tool simplifies the process of managing your communication with your partners, enabling you to maintain strong and consistent connections within your affiliate marketing program.

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We offer more than 23 integration options, allowing you to seamlessly connect and enhance your experience. Our extensive range of integrations provides you with a versatile toolkit for maximizing your capabilities and achieving your goals.
We have included Zapier among our integrations, and you can access a comprehensive guide right here.


Using Zapier, you can easily connect your AffiliateFox platform with more than 1,500 business applications.

Below, you'll find the steps to connect Zapier to your AffiliateFox Account:

  1. First, create an account on Zapier.
  2. Click on create zap.
  3. Then, search for AffiliateFox to configure automation .
  4. Next, authenticate yourself by using the secure key provided by AffiliateFox GoTo Settings >> Profile >> My Profile.
  5. Finally, utilize the pre-configured zaps offered by AffiliateFox for enhanced functionality.

Please note that integrations with Zapier are custom integrations and, as such, they fall outside the scope of our support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is AffiliateFox  

AffiliateFox is affiliate marketing software used to help SaaS (Subscriptions Business) websites track all site hits/visits, Signup, and conversion referred by affiliates. Also used to Advertise business to grow.

How does your pricing work  

AffiliateFox charges a card on file every month in advance for a month. Failing to pay within 7 days of due date automatically stops the accounts.

How secure is AffiliateFox  

AffiliateFox has state-of-the-art security measures, fraud detection mechanisum as well as strong security providd by cloud server architecture

Does AffiliateFox offer a discount for non-profits  

Yes, Please contact us over chat or email.

How do I reset my password  

You can use reset password functionality on login page. For change in email please contact us over chat or email.

Is AffiliateFox provide trial and free plan 

Yes, AffiliateFox provide both trial and free plans, after end of your free you will be charged as per plan you've selected.

Can i access AffiliateFox dashboard without pre-charges/payment  

Yes, you can easily access the affiliatefox dashboard and start your campaigning, just you have to verify yourself with the correct email address.

Can I start a trial and free plan without a payment method  

Yes, you can start trial and free plan without any billing information.

How exactly AffiliateFox work  

Below are some points operated by AffiliateFox.
  • You can perform your integration and place our integration code on your website to use it to track your site visits, signup, conversions, and cancellation.

  • For Affiliates provides a separate portal with a referral link to grow your business.

  • When customers have used those links provided by affiliate. code from your website will trigger and send details to AffiliateFox on visit, signup, conversions, and cancellation.

  • On Admin Portal provide commission settings to apply a commission on every conversion perform by any affiliate referral link.

  • AffiliateFox provided you with two dashboards one from admin to manage affiliates related to settings link commission, program, etc., and the other for affiliates to see their trackings.

    Not enough, Don't worry we'll try our best to get satisfied to you just follow us.

    If your wanted to do a marketing for your company/product, then AffiliateFox is the best marketing software.

    1.First you need to dosignupon Affiliate Fox, by entering a company website for which you wanted to do marketing.

    2.Then create a program by setting up the commission structure.

    3.Then we will provide you a integration code which you need to include into

    company website which you enter at the time of signup.

    4.After that you will be able to see an all tracking of website like how many visits,signup and how many customers are purchased your product.

Can I enter a trial period without submitting a payment method  

Yes, you can use trial without entering any payment details,You can also be able to add this information right after signing up.

I don't have a credit card to provide my billing information  

Don't worry, we are having another options for payment method i.e PayPal and you can do offline payment as well.

Can I add multiple affiliate program in trial plan  

Yes, you can add/edit multiple affiliate program in your trial period.

What do Visits, Conversions & Customers represent  

Visits - Visit will be counted whenever your site is get visited by any customer via link which is shared by affiliate . Customers(Lead) - Lead will be counted when customer is register on your site via a referral link which is shared by affiliate. Conversion - Conversion will be counted whenever the customer is purchases any product on your website by hitting the link which is shared by affiliate.

Can I call someone at AffiliateFox  

AffiliateFox only offers online support, via email & support chat.

Can I Settle commission without adding payment method  

Yes, you can settle your commission in offline way as well.

How does billing work  

Your monthly billing starts automatically at the end of your free plan. You will be charged for the plan you've chosen (Essential or Pro).

Do you offer discounts on subscription  

No, currently we don't provide any offers over plan.